An Android You


Could you imagine an Android version of yourself running around? How about taking it one step further and not just having an Android version of yourself but an Android version of you that contains your consciousness. In an essence, this would allow for you to have immortality by carrying your consciousness through a positronic and quantum computer matrix, such as what it is in the inside of an Android cybernetic robotic system.

This science may sound like science fiction to you or something out of a sci-fi movie but in fact, the science is the reality. The Russia 2045 project has the ambitious goal of combining cybernetics, cognitive science, engineering, physics, aerospace technology, and many other fields of advanced science to the applications of artificial intelligence in the transcendence of the human consciousness into the cyber realm. If you have three million dollars, you can begin the construction of your avatar.


This avatar is offered in three different phases A, B, & C. The first one is where your consciousness is just uploaded to a computer mainframe. Your consciousness can then be stored and kept until a time when such it can be inserted into another vessel. Option B is an actual Android version of you that has your consciousness uploaded through a quantum and positronic processor replicating the human brain.

Option C is a full biogenetic cybernetic Android with the real human brain transplanted into it. This would allow for all sensory fields to be experienced by this humanoid robotic sentient being. So if you happen to have an extra 3 million dollars laying around, and would like to live forever, or, at least, have your consciousness live forever then perhaps an Android you from the Russia 2045 project is just the thing you need. These make great gifts if you are dating Russian billionaire’s, eccentric movie stars, third world gangsters, or US politicians.

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