An Entire Police Force Just Quit and You’ll Never Guess Why

Almost each and every one of us has had that job, or we have felt like telling our bosses to piss off. Well, this is kind of what happened here recently in Colorado. Earlier in April, the entire Green Mountain Falls police force walked out on their jobs. Rumor has it, it is because they are sick and tired of not being able to take advantage of the legal marijuana market in Colorado.

Because these individuals are trusted with protecting citizens and are technically federal employees, they are not able to access legal marijuana like other adults in the state. Green Mountain Falls is in a very minutely populated area of El Paso County in Colorado so who could blame these individuals for not wanting to be able to take a toke while taking in the beautiful scenery of Colorado.

Okay so not really that’s not exactly why they walked out, but rumor has it it has to do with the local mayor who has evidently stirred up the pot and these officers weren’t sticking around for more. According to the citizens and other officials in the city, there is no need for residents to worry because they’re so close knit that they watch out for each other as it is. The shocking truth of this story is there are still some communities out there that would get along just fine without police forces.


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