Anonymous Takes Over ISIS Twitter Accounts

The shocking truth is thanks to the internet no one is safe from being hacked and that includes the many pro-Isis Twitter accounts that are active today. After the recent attack at the Gay Nightclub Prism in Orlando was claimed to be the work of Isis the renowned internet hacker group known as Anonymous took it upon themselves to take over these Twitter pages.


They proceeded to fill the pages with pornography, pro-gay and LGBT pictures, posts, and more. The hacker with Anonymous goes by the name WauchulaGhost and made it a point to change some of the usernames to “jacked by a ghost” to make sure they knew exactly who was responsible for these wonderful acts on their Twitter accounts.

Image result for anonymous twitter gay


This is not the first hack that has been claimed by a hacker related to the Anonymous group. They have taken it upon themselves to interact and bring light to many things over the past few years.

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