Apple is Aiding the Aliens and We May Now Have Proof

Rumors are flying around the internet that corporate mongrel Apple is building a landing platform for a UFO Invasion that is inevitably going to happen. The ambassador to the planets Barack Hussein Obama has been setting up the world’s leaders to be prepared for what the alien race would like to be a non-hostile annihilation of the planet Earth.


People are needed while the natural resources are completely removed and depleted. Once all natural resources are gone the platform Apple is building will be used to land a giant mothership to retrieve all of the alien life forms that have been overseeing and facilitating this non-hostile annihilation of the planet. After billions of years, this particular race has learned that battling with civilizations is not the way to steal all of their natural resources.

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The way to do this is by creating greed and making them give all of their power to a few individuals who will then in return give you all of the planet’s natural resources. Unfortunately, many people are blind to this happening and susceptible to greed. Just open your eyes and look at our political leaders worldwide and you will see this is happening. The shocking truth of the alien invasion is that it is coming, and it could be as soon as late 2017!

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