Apple Stumped by the FBI’s Ability to Crack the iPhone

Apple and the FBI were recently involved in a court case that was a flexing of the muscles. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation wanted Apple to unlock the iPhone that was used by the alleged San Bernardino shooter in his act of terrorism.

Apple declined to cooperate in unlocking the phone not because they are communist Nazis who are hell bent on the destruction of America and are trying to aid and abet the acts of terrorists around the world by giving them a secure network to do business on.

Instead, they were designed to help the FBI to help protect the rights of every American citizen and other citizens around the world. If they were to comply with the FBI’s request to open a locked iPhone, they would have to do it every time the FBI asked. Apple was confident that the FBI would not be able to crack their software without the assistance of Apple and stood their ground in court.

Now Apple is left with a bite taken out of it and a little worm with its head out scratching going what happened. Techs for Apple are now trying to figure out just how the FBI managed to crack their impenetrable security. The new challenge that lies ahead for Apple and the team that works behind the scenes is to learn exactly how the United States was able to crack the iPhone. I personally can crack any iPhone just give me a hammer!

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