April Fools Proposal Joke Ends in a Funeral Rather than a Wedding

So you think you have had some crazy girlfriends huh? Well just be lucky they weren’t as crazy or psychotic as the girlfriend in this Shocking Truths story. Lisa Estevez is facing first-degree murder charges after shooting her boyfriend on April 1st. Lisa’s boyfriend, Ray Jordan, apparently pulled an April Fools joke on Lisa in which he proposed to her jokingly.


Well, evidently Lisa was not amused at all by this gesture and apparently got really pissed off to the point she used Ray’s gun and shot him in the chest. Police found Lisa on the toilet, taking a shit while watching YouTube videos about how to get rid of a dead body. According to NYPD office James Patterson “They arrived at the scene and saw Mr.Jordan’s dead body. They then looked to his side and found an engagement ring box with “April Fools” written inside and immediately they knew what had happened.”

april fools

This 24 psycho had been dating Ray for over 3 years. Apparently she had been waiting for him to pop the question. When he finally did and it was a joke, she flipped her bitch switch, and the rest is history. Take this as a lesson, some things are just not meant to be joked about and well some people are just crazy.

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