Aquatic Life Can Eat What


The shocking truth about people as they are careless and do not worry about what they do not see. As a great example of this humans have taken to the ocean for decades and ave also been tossing stuff overboard for decades. Over the last 80 years, things such as soda and beer have become popular items to have on a boat.


Beach parties and Lake parties and like everywhere have these items. Unfortunately, many people take the six-pack rings that come from their beer or sodas even bottled waters and toss them carelessly into the water. These items managed to make their way into the Marine habitats and suffocate Aquatic Life. Fish, Dolphins, Turtles, nothing is safe. Somebody who throws and discards plastic Rings into the water is an aquatic murderer.


In an effort to prevent future Devastation from the tossing overboard of six-pack rings a brewery has developed an edible six-pack ring. Now instead of choking the life out of ocean life it will feed them. Not sure whether it’s a good idea or not to encourage littering but at least this way they are feeding sea creatures instead of ending their lives.

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