Archeologists Find an Alien Mummy in Perfect Condition

alien mummy

Have you ever wondered if aliens truly exist? Of course, you have this has been one of the puzzling questions in the minds of people for centuries.  Early Egyptian history points too many different signs of extraterrestrial visitors.


From hieroglyphics with unexplained pictures depicting aliens, pictures, and models of flying machines, to different texts recorded in literature, the theory of aliens comes up often in Egyptology. Archeologists in Egypt recently unearthed a sarcophagus that was not as large as normal. It was also very colorful and brightly decorated with hieroglyphics.

Capturealien mummy 2

The sarcophagus was removed and opened. Upon opening it, researchers found it held the surprise of a lifetime. The group of archeologist that were doing research on a pyramid that tied into ancient Egyptian history claim to have the mummified remains of an alien. You can see the mummy on display and it very much, in fact, does resemble what we believe aliens to look like.

Alien mummy pyramids

You can check the video out below to see for yourself if you believe this is the mummy of a real life alien found here on planet Earth. If this is true, then maybe there is some solidity into the theory that aliens helped build the great pyramids. It would also explain the many eccentric hieroglyphics for which there is currently no explanation.


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