Are Donald Trump and Chris Christie Secret Lovers?

In an act that was just as tasteless as Michelle Obama skipping out on Nancy Reagan’s funeral to attend a music event, the governor of New Jersey if you call him that, Chris Fatman Christi decided that New Jersey state troopers are not important enough for him to take time out of his busy day. He displayed this to the public and to the world when he decided that it was more important to support the racist Donald Trump then to attend the funeral of a fallen New Jersey state trooper.

As if it’s not bad enough that Chris Christie displays the problem of obesity which is crippling our nation’s health care system and putting an evident strain on it on a continual basis he has now turned into a Donald Trump groupie. I believe Chris Christie and Donald Trump are in love as they have been seen flying together and holding umbrellas for one another.

There is nothing wrong with two men loving one another if that is their choice. However when it comes to Chris Christie and Donald Trump with the amount of negativity they displayed towards the public in supporting their own private agendas I would believe and hope that America is stronger than to allow this type of political hoopla to continue.

I say we come together right now before it’s too late and demand the political resignation of Donald Trump and Chris Christie. With Donald Trump hating Mexicans and Africans and Chris Christie supporting this kind of behavior I am embarrassed to be a white male. I think anyone who agrees with me needs to help spread the message that these evil tyrants need to be removed from office before any more damage can be done. Does anybody else see Hitler here?

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