Are the Syrian Refugees Really an Invasion Army and Do We Really Care?


Is the Syrian refugee epidemic that’s plaguing the nation currently an invasion or is it the basis of what Americas stands for? America is supposed to be the land of opportunity and hope. A place where dreams can come true and a person can live without fear of persecution for their religious or personal beliefs. However, this is not the case in America. America constantly judges and persecutes individuals based on sex, color, religion, and other variables. They are also very fast to define and put people into groups. In fact, you might say that we are some of the best in the world at judging others.


When it comes to the Syrian refugee epidemic, there is only one ounce of logic I have heard about it. In the mass pictures of those looking for a new place and the government suggesting us to open our doors up to them, I am only seeing young men. Somebody brought up the point that this looks more like an invasion army rather than refugees. Where are the old? Where are the sick? Where are the children? This did raise some suspicion in my mind. What if this was part of a planned invasion and in fact by opening our doors to these refugees, our country falls. Are we really free.


Are we really free anyways and does it really matter? We turn our back on our military. We deny them the health care and benefits that they were promised, and we deny them safe medical treatment options because they are not FDA approved. We even require citizens to purchase insurance or carry state funded insurance or they face a large fee. This is not the answer to supporting or changing our healthcare system because it is screwed anyway. It is about profiteering for billionaires.


It is about controlling society and having the ability to subject them to whatever the government and medical profession chooses when they choose. This is almost as bad as the issue of the letting refugees in our country. I say why not let them in? The country’s already screwed up as it is. If somebody wants to do something they will find a way. Live the way you want and help make this a better world. Let’s hope if someone in this invasion army if that’s what it is, reads this and it helps to change their perspective.

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