Are We Still Debating This Seriously?

While most of the world is still in shock from the recent events in Orlando Christians at the Southern Baptist Convention are still stuck on whether or not the Confederate flag should be displayed. After rewording of the original resolution that was presented by the African American pastor, Dwight McKissick took place the final version of the resolution urges Christians to discontinue the display of the Confederate Battle Flag as they believe it is perceived by many to be a symbol of hatred, bigotry and racism.

As you can imagine there was much opposition to this discussion because to many this flag is not a symbol of hatred or racism but rather a symbol of the Confederate soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War. Just as many people have been saying for years now, this flag is a symbol of heritage and not hate. The shocking truth is that at the Shocking Truths, we could care less whether or not you feel this flag represents racism or whether you feel that it represents heritage.

What is shocking to us is that people are still arguing over something like this when there are mass killings happening on a daily basis, our planet is running out of water, people are dying everyday do to climate change and deforestation along with many other devastating things. The shocking truth is we need to start focusing on things that really matter like saving our planet it so we have a home for future generations.

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