Are You Ready to Fly On a Rocket Ship to the Moon

NASA has given up on being number one when it comes to space exploration and advancement. They have done this because they know their competition is way ahead of them, and they cannot compete. We’re not quite to the moon and back commercially as of yet, but we are closer now thanks to one group. Elon Musk, the legendary visionary behind SpaceX, has successfully overseen an imperative point in space history.


The Falcon 9 rocket that was designed by SpaceX blasted off leaving Cape Canaveral Florida just recently. The mission of this rocket was to go into orbit and then come back to earth and land on a particular landing pad. This would show the ability to reuse the same craft for space travel reducing the cost substantially.


The landing of the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket was said to have been accompanied by several sonic booms. The sonic booms were a reminder of a time when the Space Shuttles traveled in American history. Some were confused by the sonic booms such as individuals who had never heard them or were used to them which lead people to think that perhaps the rocket had exploded. All they saw were clouds of smoke and for a few brief moments, people were on edge.


Meanwhile back at the command center for SpaceX everyone was celebrating as they knew they had successfully landed the rocket!


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