Arsenio Hall, Sinead O’Connor, and a Five-Million-Dollar Lawsuit

The shocking truth is you’re probably asking who is Arsenio Hall and Sinead O’Connor? These are two individuals in which many people do not recognize the name of nowadays. Sinead O Connor has not been making music that has made any kind of waves in decades. Since she shaved off her hair and sang “Nothing Compares to You” many people have forgotten her. Arsenio Hall had a popular television talk show in the 80s.He’s also appeared on film.

Sinead O’Connor blasted a Facebook rant that basically called out Arsenio Hall as being the drug dealer who supplied Prince with his drugs. The drugs that led to his death. She also went as far as to say Arsenio Hall was Eddie Murphy and Prince’s b****. As if that wasn’t enough she also said that Arsenio had spiked her with drugs in the past.

Arsenio and Sinead have not been around each other for about 25 years. Why all of the fuss now? According to Arsenio, Sinead O’Connor has even met Prince a few times admitting that she detested him. Allegedly she even told Prince to go f*** himself. So why the conviction to his passing? Many would just say that she is a deadbeat singer with no future career and is nothing more than an attention w****. Her past Facebook antics and inflammatory posts have been nothing more than a feeble attempt at seeking attention. At least this is what many individuals think including Arsenio Hall.


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