Artic Apples That Don’t Brown Have Been Around for Years

The shocking truth is an apple a day may not keep the doctor away one damn bit! If you believe that old saying, then you might just have had the wool pulled over your eyes. Arctic apples are hitting the stores, and people are curious. These are genetically modified apples that don’t change color when you cut them like traditional older apples.

The shocking truth people is you’re just realizing these apples are out there because somebody label them as artic apples. How long has it been since you bit into an apple and it turned brown? For me, it’s been some time. I remember as a kid it was a race to beat the clock when it came to that Apple turning brown. That has not happened in quite some time. Look at the apples that are sliced in the bag at McDonald’s.

Do you think those apples should be Brown after being sliced? If you answered yes you are correct my friend. However, these apples stay brilliantly crisp and fresh looking like they were just sliced the minute you ordered them. These are genetically modified apples that have all sorts of agents added to them to preserve the color. The food you eat hasn’t been the food you know for years, and that’s the shocking truth.


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