As A Mom You Have to Do Amazing Things But This Mom is a True Hero

Any parent will tell you that their kids come first. They would do whatever they had to in order to save their lives should the situation arise. You never know these days when your life may become in danger or when your child’s life will be on the line. This isn’t a shocking story about child abduction attempts or a shocking story about a parent saving a child from a burning house. This is the shocking truth of how one mother when head to head with a mountain lion in order to save her 5-year-old son.

In Pitkin County Colorado one mother was startled to hear her child start to scream while in the front yard playing at their home, she ran immediately to him and of course was shocked to see a mountain lion over the boy and even more shocked to realize that her sons head was inside of the mountain lions mouth. This mother I’m sure pulsing with adrenaline was able to pry open the lion’s mouth and remove her sons head from its grasp before running off with him into the house.

Luckily this was not a full grown mountain lion and this mother came to the rescue when she did. This could have turned out to be a very tragic situation. The boy is in fair condition at a CO hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. The mother suffered minor injuries, was treated at the hospital and released. Two mountain lions however were spotted in the area within a few hours of the attack and both were killed.

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