Attn Lord of the Rings Fans- Mount Ruapehu is in Trouble

Many of you may have heard of Mount Ruapehu as it was the crater lake of a volcano that was featured in the popular Lord of the Rings trilogy. Hikers and other visitors to the area are being urged to stay away as there is a moderate to high Volcanic unrest alert also known as a level 2 volcanic alert that has been issued by GNS Science.

Hikers are being asked to stay at least two kilometers away from the center of the crater as there has been a significant increase in temperature in the lake over the past three weeks. In fact, the water temperature has risen by 25 degrees Celsius in just over two weeks. The shocking truth is the fact that this is just the information that they are letting us know. If they are telling us to heed warning because of a 25-degree temperature spike I can ensure you that there have already been more detrimental warnings that they are not telling us about. My suggestion would be to stay the hell away from this area completely and indefinitely.

After all, if you have ever seen the movie 2012 you will know that an increase of water temperature of this statute in such a short period of time means that a disaster is inevitable, it is only a matter of time

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