Auto Oil Profits


The shocking truth about transportation is that automobile manufacturers have been working with oil companies for decades. We have been working together so they can take your hard-earned money from you. Cars have been getting ridiculously low amounts of gas mileage. 8 miles to the gallon 10 miles to the gallon 12 miles to the gallon!


This was all done in the name of profit. There was no call for this. While they profited from this, they also destroyed our planet in the process. Vehicles today average 30 miles to the gallon or better and by the next five years will be averaging 50 miles to the gallon or better. Electric cars were around in the early nineteen-hundreds and dominated the streets until gasoline engines came along.


Automobile manufacturers in the chance to get rich and not care who they hurt in the process. Today I could get seventy-five or a hundred miles to the gallon. If they did this, however, they would hurt the oil company which would offset the economy so it can’t be done. The harsh truth about the automobile industry in the oil industry is they are dirtbags, and that’s the truth.


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