Ax-Man Killed By Armed Citizen After Attacking a Clerk at a 7-Eleven

In news that shocked the citizens of a small community located in Washington State, a man was killed. The man was killed by a tax paying law abiding citizen that had a concealed weapons permit. There has been much talk in the news lately about whether or whether not guns should be allowed in our country any longer. With news of the four-year-old child who shot his professional gun shooting the mother in the back making headline news many are questioning the safety of guns.

It is not the safety of guns that is the question it is this individual who is using the gun that brings up safety concerns. In this incident, a man happened to be in the right place at the right time who had his concealed carry permit. An ax-wielding crazed lunatic burst into a 7-Eleven store wearing a ski mask obviously set to kill somebody. Why else would you would try to attack somebody with an ax?

Without hesitation, the individual with a concealed carry permit shot the masked axe-wielding man. The man entered the store without saying a word and went directly behind the counter and started attacking the 58-year-old clerk. Thanks to the quick thinking actions of this armed United States of American citizen a tragedy was prevented.

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