Back to the Future is Now the Present Thanks to Nike

Great Scott’s man somebody go find the doctor! Has anybody seen Marty? Does anyone know if he’s still with Jennifer or not? If nobody knows the answer to any of these questions, at least, there’s one question that we can answer about the futuristic Back to the Future or should I say Into the present, and that’s Nike has the Back to the Future shoes. That’s right you can get self-lacing tennis shoes now that have a blue glowing like gel Center.

Nike promises that the blue glowing center is not radioactive nor is it made using animals. These power shoelaces are bringing the future well technically the past now to the present. Nike is said to be working on a Michael Jackson jacket that is a one-size-fits-all to accompany the shoes. This jacket would probably blow you too just like it did in the movie blow you dry that is.

Whatever we do we need to look good while we’re doing what we must. Thank you, Nike, for finding a way to make Americans and people around the world even lazier. Now for all you folks out there who hate tying your shoes, you don’t have to worry about wearing outdated bad fashion statement velcro shoes or fancy dress shoes anymore. You can now jump into your Nikes, and they will lace themselves up for you. Before you know it the Wall-E chair will be available in a one-size-fits-all to.

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