Bedside Hero or Guilty Violent Attacker

In shocking news this week a young women in China recovers from a 8-month long coma. Her boyfriend was beside her the entire time being praised as a bedside hero by the Chinese media. He even borrowed money to help pay for her medical bills. When the young woman woke out of the coma, the first thing she saw was her boyfriend sitting beside her.


Upon gaining consciousness, she was taken home by her mom and dad where she revealed the story to her parents that in fact it was her boyfriend who had beat her unconscious putting her in this coma. She said that he was beside her bed out of guilt, not love. Apparently while the two were living together and running a business that was a small bakery she bought some bread.

Woman Wakes From 8-Month Coma. The First Word She Says? I Am Still In SHOCK...

Apparently this is unacceptable to her boyfriend who beat her to Near inches of her life. At least, this is all allegedly how she says it went down. Was she just in a very bad dream during her coma and hasn’t distinguished reality from fiction yet or did her boyfriend actually beat her? We may never know the mind can do some pretty shocking things!

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