Bee Careful When You’re Driving Down HWY 99 in Sacramento California

This would definitely be something you would not want to run into. A swarm of angry bees as you were driving down the interstate. Now you may see a swarm of bees and think, I’ll plow right through it with my vehicle but what if it happened to be 12 million angry bees? This was not a pleasant scene as this event actually happened, and it was like something out of a horror movie or an Alfred Hitchcock series.

A truck was carrying 400 beehives that contained roughly 30,000 bees within each beehive. Traveling down the highway the truck was in a collision and the bees were busted loose. Needless to say, they were not happy. They were stinging people on the highway and creating havoc. It was an ugly scene. One police officer was quoted saying, “It took authorities roughly 7 hours to calm the bees down and get them to return to their hives.

The bees even closed the highway for a duration of time due to safety issues. Sacramento police tried to keep track of all the bees but if you can imagine how hard it is to count 12 million bees it is easy to see how some may have gone unaccounted for. Just a reminder when you’re driving down the highway always “bee” careful.


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