Bees Are Dying By The Millions Thanks to GMO Crops

With the news that the destruction of bees will bring about the destruction of human beings, it comes as shocking news to find out that the United States of America is still allowing agricultural bio Giants such as Monsanto, Bayer and others to consistently grow crops of GMO corn that are doused with heavy pesticides. In 2011 in Florida a man by the name of Charles Smith lost 400 bee hives.

An estimated $150,000 worth of bees were lost. The bees were poisoned. They died due to pesticides. In 2011, the secrecy of GMO was still top-notch. Today it has been exposed for the horrible crap that it is. Just recently in Canada 30 million bees died shortly after a GMO crop of corn was planted nearby. The pesticides which were used in GMO crops caused the bee’s immune system to stop. Without bee’s life on Earth would not exist the way we know it.

GMO crops were suppose to reduce the amount of pesticides used in agricultural crops. In fact, it has done just the opposite. Pesticide usage has increased by 500 million pounds. We can see who’s pocketing the money here and which individuals are tied together. Perhaps it’s time to cut the rope and let these individuals go. We don’t need people poisoning our planet and killing everybody on it so they can make a few more dollars for their bank account!


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