Bill Clinton Could be Trying to Wet His Willy Again on the Campaign Trail


It may be shocking to some that Hillary Clinton has been hitting the campaign trail extremely hard and like always old Slick Willy was left with a dry vessel. After sitting quietly on the sidelines and keeping his wiener in his pants old Slick Willy has decided to hit the campaign trail looking for some poon. He figured why not show support for Hillary. He knows that Hillary won’t blow it, hell from what the nation knows about their relationship I don’t believe she’ll really even touch it. Bill Clinton found some pep and vigor to smile and walk vibrantly amongst the public while campaigning.


In previous interviews and appearances the former president of the United States has started to show signs of age catching up with him. Hillary Clinton can’t win the presidency because what would we call Bill Clinton then? Would he be the first man? That sure does not sound like a political position. And hasn’t he already been in the White House for 8 years, I didn’t think he could get 16 years in there.

clintons and trump

Hell if a dirty Clinton and that horrible Mr. Trump have anything to do with it I’m sure America will be all for the worst within a matter of no time at all. Donald Trump who is currently running for the President of the United States of America has made such a mockery of the presidency that he is being used in ISIS recruitment videos. Hillary Clinton has shown her lack of respect and ability to abide by public laws as well as obvious disconcern for our American military that has lost her the vote of many. So I guess Bill Clinton figured why not try to give it one more run to get his old willy wet. I guess not quite so shocking news after all!


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