Bill Gates Says Have Some Hens – Bolivia Politely Tells Him to F%^# Off

I’m not sure what’s more shocking about this story. It could be that someone who has a lot of money and can make a difference in the world is trying to, or it could be how they are trying to help. In shocking news, we are hearing reports that Bill Gates is offering to send 100,000 hens to Bolivia in hopes of helping their poverty level.

Now, what may shock you and shocked me is that Bolivia has actually rejected his offer. They not only rejected but they also came back saying that “they know how to produce poultry” and they wonder “how Bill Gates could think that they are living 500 years ago the middle of a jungle not knowing how to produce poultry.”

They even went as far as telling him that he should “respectfully stop talking about Bolivia” or to Bolivia. Evidently they’re either not hurting for food or they don’t like chicken. Whatever their reason is for rejecting these hens we will have to respect it and just enjoy the shocking truth that this correspondence ever occurred.

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