Black Hole Allows For Warning to Other Galaxies

Recently a black hole was recorded collapsing in on itself, and a rare flash of light was seen. Some scientists believe this to be the same green flashing light that was seen with Captain Jack Sparrow traveled to and from Davy Jones Locker. Other scientists, however, believe these guys are complete idiots and have their own theory. They believe that the flash of light that was seen was a radio transmission from a distant galaxy.

In an effort to communicate with this distant galaxy, researchers at our famed space institute are conjuring up a way to communicate with these distant galaxies by using our interstellar deep space satellites along with satellites positioned in unique spots here on Earth. It is the thought that if we send a signal to distant galaxies with the messages of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that we can avoid any future hostile attempts at takeovers of Earth.


Once the aliens get a transmission signal and see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for themselves, Earth is sure to become one of those spots that no one from any other galaxies will ever want to stop at. I mean with people like that trying to rule the world it seems like the only good thing planet earth has going for it is marijuana.

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