Bless You Katelyn Thornley x 12,000

Bless you! The shocking truth is this is a phrase that some people never want to hear. This is the case for Katelyn Thornley. At 12 years old Katelyn would seem like a normal little girl to everybody else. However within just a few minutes of being around Katelyn, people realize she has something completely different about her. This poor little girl can’t stop sneezing. In fact, you could call her Sneezy Fabreezy.


She sneezes so much it would drive anybody nuts. Especially her. She lives her life in a constant state of pain and miserable state due to a certain condition that causes her to sneeze. She sneezes on average 20 times per minute while she’s awake. This totals up to more than 12,000 sneezes every day for Katelyn Thornley. Could you imagine just for a minute trying to live life sneezing every second of the day basically.

It makes me wonder if KatelynThornley has ever tried cannabis whole plant therapy to deal with her severe allergic reactions or whether she has been a victim of medical maniacs her entire life. Katelynif you ever read this please research the options of cannabis whole plant therapy. It has proven to help with severe allergies and has been able to help with many things that traditional pharmaceuticals have not been able to!

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