Blue is Not Blue and Red is Not Red

The shocking truth is the colors that you see are not actually the names of what you know. Would you be surprised if I was to tell you blue is not blue and green is not green and yes red is not red! I bet you would! This is how it is for some individuals who are color-blind. Some people see random colors and other people see black and white or just gray.


Who’s to say colors are what they are? We believe the sky is blue because that’s what we were taught from the time we were growing up. What if we pulled somebody out of that element? What if we told this person the sky was purple not blue? If you told this individual that the sky was purple everywhere with red clouds, they would believe that. So who’s to say the colors are what we say they are?

Do this kind of questions ever come into your mind? Do you ever sit there and ponder while wondering random things like this? If you do, then you might be a great debater or thinker. Apply your mind, write a book, start a blog, share with the world your outlandish ideas! Evolution came to be by those who were considered ahead of their time on many occasions. Perhaps it’s your time to shine. So if you’re the kind of individual the questions the colors and everything around maybe it’s time to use that divine mind.

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