Boaty McBoatFace Almost Got a Burial At Sea

The shocking truth is that Boaty McBoatface is fun to say, but apparently British officials don’t believe it’s fun enough to say to be the name of the newest polar exploration ship. The public was going crazy coming up with the names after a social media joke took off and went viral. The name they came up for was a catchy one to all of those who voted, but Britain’s officials didn’t think so.

However, it is not time to send that name Boaty McBoatface to a watery grave or to Davy Jones’s locker yet. Boaty McBoatface will be the name of a subsea remote operated vehicle used by Sir David Attenborough. The boat was given this name in honor of the United Kingdom’s broadcaster and naturalist who is known worldwide. One thing you can say about this new ship is it really is a floater.

Boaty McBoatface was the most popular voted and suggested name in a user poll last year. At least those who really dug this name will not have to say goodbye to it as it is rather fun to say.

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