Bob Marley is Pissed and It’s Snapchats Fault

The shocking truth is Bob Marley is pissed off this 420! On the day of celebration, that should showcase the amazing capabilities of the miraculous plant known as cannabis this legend has been turned into a mockery. If you are a fan of Snapchat then perhaps you know what I’m talking about. The Bob Marley blackface for the 420 holiday has more than just activists pissed off even Bob Marley himself has had enough. If you were to look at anyone who utilized this ridiculous addition to Snapchat only you would notice that Bob Marley looks straight up pissed off.


Perhaps when you try to slap a legend and icons face on the faces of millions of selfie-snapping snot-nosed teenager, look at my boobs, see my dick punks it might tend to anger even a spirit. If you have respect for the legend Bob Marley ignore the Snapchat feature and let Snapchat know in the future to stay away from doing stupid things like this that are actually disrespectful.

It’s obvious this had to be thought by someone or a team of someones with no morals or respect. If they had taken a few moments to look into the Rastafarian culture, they would realize the incredible level of disrespect that this represents. For anyone who is a fan of Bob Marley or who appreciates the passion and humanity that resides within the Rastafarian religion this Snapchat feature was a shocking truth to just how ignorant corporations can be today.


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