Body Oder- There is an App For That

Just when I didn’t think that people could get any lazier, I am surprised once again. It shocked the hell out of me to learn that millennials thought that cereal was to hard of a morning breakfast because of the cleanup required afterwards, but what I am about to tell you takes the cake. It has been announced that people are so lazy that they need an app to tell them when they smell bad. That’s right folks. People don’t even know if they stink anymore, and more specifically I am referencing the male population.

Men have been proven to be less susceptible to smelling odors that are picked up by their female counterparts. Luckily though technology has come to the rescue in the form of a smartphone and accompanying app. That’s right. There is now an app that you can get for your cell phone that will work with a cover applied to your cell phone that you can put up to a males’ armpit to see if B.O. is detected.

This will allow more men to realize when they need to shower and apply fresh deodorant because evidently we can’t do anything without an app anymore. The app that will work with the “NOSE” smartphone cover is slated to be released next month!


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