British Airplane Struck By Drone During Landing

Drones are awesome! Unfortunately they cause many security concerns and many different places. One of these places happens to be federal airspace not only surrounding airports but also in the skies above us everywhere we are. Just recently near Britain’s Heathrow Airport a passenger aircraft was preparing to land when it was struck by an unmanned aircraft that was most likely a recreational use drone.

The Britain Air Accidents Investigation Branch is launching an investigation into the occurrence. The shocking truth is that while this was most likely just someone doing aerial photography for recreational purposes this very well could have also been a terrorist or someone with ill intentions taking surveillance of the area. There is much caution that must be taken when it comes to regulating the use of drones by civilians as the popularity of them increase.

This was not the first incident surrounding a plane at the Heathrow Airport this year. Back in February a plane that was bound towards New York had to return back to the airport after there was a laser beam incident. These are just two of the shocking stories of things that may occur near at airport and just two examples of why security needs to be tightened around not only airports but also around drones in general.

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