Bubba Was On What Drugs

The shocking truth is that the pharmaceutical companies have managed to poison the entire planet. Their reach is not just limited to humankind but animals as well. This is exactly what happened to poor Bubba. Bubba is a small terrier mix that recently was picked up during a drug bust in California.

Joshua West apparently did not like to get high alone, and Bubba was the only one around. When Bubba made his way to the animal shelter officers at the animal shelter and noticed he was under the influence of something. A urine test later showed that Bubba was in fact on heroin and meth.

Meanwhile, lawmakers continue to stand against cannabis legalization which has the power to end the pharmaceutical rein that has poisoned the planet and is now poisoning our animals too. Support the cannabis industry and help keep innocent animals like Bubba from becoming addicted to heroin and meth.

Bubba will be placed in k9 drug rehab which will cost taxpayers. This epidemic is scary. Just imagine on of the most common pets in the world becoming drug addicts.  When people stop using dangerous and deadly drugs like herion and meth, our pets will stop using too!

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