Building Blocks of Human Life Found in Space

The shocking truth about life as we know it here on our planet may surprise you. Human life and DNA has been found in outer space so to say. Comets and other forms of space rocks have given examples to scientist of DNA that makes up the basic building blocks of life here on Earth. Could it be so strange that humankind developed from an alien race far away? An exploded planet traveling trillions of light years across space and time to make impact with the perfect planet and the perfect temperate zone known as “The Sweet Spot” to create life.

Scientists believe this is what happened and how human life came to be. Before this, we evolved from monkeys. Before that, we evolved from fish. Before that God made us. Humankind’s endless quest to discover our creation is just another wasted effort. Some things truly should be left undiscovered. Knowing the answer for everything would make life kind of boring. Where did we come from nobody knows. Where do we go when we leave here? Also a question nobody knows.

One thing that is for sure is that we are a rare and unique species that has a short time to make a pivotal impact on evolution. Be kind, smart, and make good use of the time that you have here. You may not only change the world he made changed the history of evolution and that’s the shocking truth.


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