Bullet Trains are Just the Beginning

Times are changing and the shocking truth is nobody’s got time to take time to get anywhere anymore. People are looking for faster ways to get to the places they need to go. Especially when it comes to long distance travel. Traveling from locations such as New York to California or other places in other countries that are hard to pronounce can be timely as well as costly. In an effort to help reduce the amount of time it takes to get from point A to point B researchers and developers have been coming up with new methods.

One of the newest methods of travel that seems to be solidified and taking route is the bullet train. The bullet train would give people the ability to travel between places such as New York and California in a matter of hours. This is a big benefit compared to the time it takes now as even a flight will take six or seven hours from California to New York. A bullet train would only take an hour and a half to three hours. India is putting out a bullet train of all bullet trains.

Their bullet train will not only ship across the land, but it will dive into the ocean for a stint giving passengers a once-in-a-lifetime thrill on their bullet train ride. India was able to finance this project thanks to a mega loan from Japan. It seems that Japan and China are investing heavily in to other countries such as Australia, Africa, and India. The shocking truth is the bullet train is only a small part of a bigger picture here.


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