Burglar is Now Suing Home Owner After Getting Shot

The shocking truth is if someone’s breaking into your house and you pull a gun on him you better make sure you kill that mother f*****. If not you could find yourself in court being sued. This is exactly what happened to an Indiana resident by the name of David McLaughlin. A 31-year-old David Bailey, who resides in Albany Indiana, allegedly broke into David McLaughlin’s garage triggering a burglar alarm in April of 2014.

The burglar David Bailey is suing the homeowner for damage received from a gunshot wound. David Bailey was running down an alley fleeing the scene when the homeowner came out and fired three shots down the alleyway. One of those shots hit Bailey in his left arm.


Now this thief is trying to sue the homeowner. Just goes to show you if you’re going to pull your gun and shoot a thief that’s breaking in your house you might as well kill him otherwise the laws of today are set up to be in favor of crooks. It’s a mockery. This homeowner even has to appear in court over this stupidity. I think the homeowner should sue the state for allowing such an idiotic excuse of a case to make its way into the court system.

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