Bus Driver Saves Lives After Man Attacks Elderly Woman

The shocking truth is you should have the same respect for the janitor and the bus driver as you do for the CEO of a major corporation or a celebrity. You just never know when that individual may be the one that saves your life. In a shocking story coming out of Port Angeles Washington, we have learned of a public bus driver who may have just saved many of lives. What began as a regular Saturday afternoon bus ride for the passengers and the driver quickly turned into a very scary situation. A man got onto the bus and immediately walked over to an 80-year-old lady and kicked her in the face.

The man grabbed her by the head and then threw her to the floor and drug her across the bus. It was then that the bus driver heard the woman screaming and proceeded to pull the bus over and managed to pull the man off of this elderly lady. The man then turned his attention to the driver and began to choke her while the onlookers watched in horror and alerted authorities. When the first victim tries to get up the man goes over to her again, and the driver was able to open the doors at that time allowing other riders to escape. The man pushed his first victim off of the bus and began yelling at the bus driver to close all of the doors. This quick-thinking bus driver was able to stay calm, cool, and collective and jumped out of the bus shutting the door.

Amongst all of the commotion, she was able to disable the battery and prevented the attacker from driving away with the bus and kept him retained until authorities arrived and arrested the 59-year-old man identified as Riley White. If it was not for the quick thinking of this bus driver, many of lives could have been severely damaged if not lost. Riley is in custody and is facing felony assault and harassment charges for this attack. The victim of this horrible event is expected to make a full recovery.


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