Bus Driver Swerves to Miss Cat- Injures 14 Children

The shocking truth is when it comes to driving the safety of our students or city residents on buses, or other public transportation individuals should be screened. If they are found to be a dog or cat lovers then perhaps they should not be allowed to drive the bus. I have nothing against dog or cat lovers. However, I do believe that human lives are more valuable than one single cat. Luckily no one was injured, but the shocking truth is somebody could have died.


While driving a school bus with students on the bus, a bus driver swerved out of nowhere to avoid hitting a cat. Hooray for this bus driver for missing this cat but BOO to this bus driver for crashing the bus into somebody’s home and injuring 14 students and totaling a school bus in the process. 14 kids will now have pains for the rest of their life because a cat walked in front of a school bus and the person driving put the cats live over the student’s life and the passengers they were transporting.

I’m not saying the animal should have been run over but what if this bus would have crashed into somebody’s three-year-old playing in his house and killed somebody’s child in order to avoid hitting a wild neighborhood cat? Maybe it’s time to start evaluating who operates our public transportation and that’s the shocking truth!


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