But Without Immigrants Who Would Vacuum Our Living Rooms?

The shocking truth about the Trump family, in general, is I think they are a few french fries short of a Happy Meal! Phrase it how you will but when it comes to the Trumps all you see in the news is one shocking truth after another showing the bitter racism and controlling domination of the elite. Racism is not just about color anymore to these individuals it’s about monetary statue.

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If you are not in their elite crowd, then you are a minority. Ivana Trump clarified her support for not deporting immigrants. She says that we should not deport immigrants because we need immigrants to clean for us. “Who would vacuum our living rooms?” she asked. Really! It is sad that this is the mentality of anybody alive on our planet! This is what makes me believe the stories that these elite 1% are not actually from our planet.

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Instead, they are from another world sent here to monitor the path of humankind as well as to suck the natural resources out of the planet. What else could possibly explain this type of behavior in a human being? Color, language, religion, these are things that should not define an individual’s quality of character. These are things that an individual discovers on their own. If everybody was the same, it would be a horribly boring planet. Apparently Ivana Trump and Donald Trump know this perhaps that’s why they want to build a wall around our nation. When it comes time to vote, please don’t vote for this man.

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