Butter Still Edible After 2000 Years

The shocking truth is people will eat anything even a 2000-year-old chunk of butter! Some people can’t wait to get their popcorn out and cover it in this 20-pound chunk of two-thousand-year-old butter that was found in peat bog located in Ireland. Believe it or not even after two thousand years this chunk of butter is said to still be healthy enough and able to be consumed by people.

Buried in bog about 16 feet deep. You may be asking yourself why somebody would bury a 20-pound chunk of butter, but apparently butter was considered a luxury and was actually very valuable. This 2000-year-old butter was most likely an offering to the Gods because it was not buried inside of a container or box.


 To think that this butter lasted 2000 years and is still edible shows that things made back in the day were better. Butter today can barely last 6 months before it goes bad. Things really were made better back in the day and that my friends is the shocking truth.

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