California Drought is Man Made


If you believe all the talk about global warming and climate change is happening right now then my friend you are a touch bit on the naive side. The government has been screwing with our weather for years now in an effort to efficiently and effectively utilized what is known as weaponized weather. The drought that are taking place around the world and across California currently our results of a multitude of chemicals being dispersed in our sky in order to blanket out the Sun. NASA admits to conducting these programs using chemicals to create chemtrails in our skies. Some believe that this is yet another Monsanto scheme to control the world.


They already have seeds that can only grow in aluminum. This would give them the ability to control the world’s food source in an essence controlling the planet. Years of nuclear testing and other pollutants have ripped holes in our atmosphere that they are trying to play around and fix. Our planet is doing worse for wear at the hands of those who are supposed to represent the majority of the people. I believe this is being proven this is not the case. All they represent is profit. It’s time to take our world back from the hands of the government if we leave it to them don’t destroy everything.


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