Can Chumlee Pawn His Way Out of This One?

I dedicate this to my in-laws who are such fine judges of character when it comes to the entertainment they watch on TV. On many occasions what I watch or let their grandchildren watch was inappropriate in their eyes and they had no problems in saying something about it. Although this comes from a man, who loves western movies where most of these men were raging alcoholics and tobacco abusers.

Now every time and time again they come out with some really stupid shows, but one that I have witnessed my in-laws watch on many occasions was Pawn Stars. In particular, they were always really fond of what was being said by Chumlee one of the stars of this reality show. He is a very slow individual or, at least, he plays that way on TV. Personally, not my thing to watch. There are many other things I would rather be doing than watching Chumlee acting stupid on TV. Apparently Chumlee was under investigation for sexual assault in Las Vegas Nevada.

When police conducted a search of Chumlee’s residence they found drugs and firearms located allegedly in Chumlee’s home. Crystal meth was one of the drugs found in his Las Vegas home. Chumlee was arrested and charged with 20 felony charges! I do believe Pawn Stars should be taken off of TV now because we should not have felons pretending to be role models for children or naive in-laws. Just like Jared ruined Subway forever, Chumlee just ruined Pawn Stars.

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