Can You Truly Trust What’s In Your Dog’s Food


Don’t always believe the dog food commercials that you hear and see in the news, on TV and on that radio as they may not be true. Dog food makers today have done some despicable things and go to extreme distances to cover up their horrible actions. For example many believe that Purina Beneful brand dog food is a brand of food you can trust and one that dogs will love. In fact dogs have been known to go up to the billboards posted by dog walks and scratch at the billboards while whining and barking. To their owners they believe that this is their pets way of saying they love this food. But they do not know is these billboards are secretly booby-trapped with special sensors to drive the dogs crazy as well as low frequency dog whistles that only your four-legged furry companion can hear. This makes them how bark and act a little nutty.

dog 1

To top it all off the makers of this dog food along with many others have lawsuits against them for the deaths they have brought to a multitude of pets. So the next time you think your dog food is safe chances are if you’re buying it from the grocery store its just average. The best way to feed your furry companion in all actuality is to make the food yourself. After all dog food didn’t actually come about until the early 1930s when grain companies and slaughterhouses needed to come up with an idea to help conserve on waist. Meats and grains that did not meet the FDA approval that were set to be tossed away and disposed of at a total loss were turned into dog food and sold as kibble for man and woman’s best friend.



What they put into the food that your dog eats would simply shock you and disgust you. If you value your dog’s health go the distance to buy their food from a reputable pet food manufacturer that you get from a pet store or make it yourself. Your dog will love you for it.

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