Cannabis is Doing What the CDC Wants To Do and Take Credit For

In this shocking news brief, the CDC actually does do some work. From time-to-time beyond eating bagels and laughing about the millions of Americans addicted to dangerous and deadly prescription drugs they occasionally have to do something in order to keep their positions.

If not, Americans might see that there is no actual use for the CDC. Recently the long-awaited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released their plan to help slow down the dangerous epidemic that is not only occurring in the United States of America but is reaching every tiny little corner around the world and that is prescription drug abuse and addiction.

The addiction rates along with the number of deaths each year are absolutely devastating. Pharmaceutical Industries are making billions of dollars a year while thousands of people are dying around the world. In an attempt to step in and seem like they are doing something to help the CDC announced they are coming up with a plan to curb this growing epidemic. Whatever could that be? Probably another harmful pill that they hope will reduce the addiction rate or something stupid. Hello, earth to the CDC. Something has already been done about this and it is called cannabis legalization.

Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon have legalized recreational marijuana and seen dramatic and drastic reductions in prescription drug abuse and deaths. The shocking truth is cannabis is already doing what the CDC wants to take credit for. If you want to do something that would really help, legalize cannabis nationwide and allow nature to do what it is intended to do, sustain life and health.

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