Cannabis Isn’t the Devil’s Lettuce Despite What You’ve Been Told

The shocking truth is people need to wake the hell up and realize that brainwashing really does occur, and it does work! The United States of America has been brainwashing the general public since back in the mid-1930s when it comes to a certain subject. The subject I am speaking of is none other than marijuana. The American government has labeled this miraculous plant as the devil’s lettuce. This could not be further from the truth.

The only thing the devil has led us to is sickness and disease along with being victims of the mercilessness and almighty pharmaceutical industry. The devil I speak about is the American politician. They waged a War on Drugs or better yet an attempted eradication of a natural plant known as cannabis. Now you see cannabis legalization happening across the nation and around the world. Those who have been brainwashed by years of government propaganda still hold victim to these devious tactics.

As an example, the blunt truth campaign states that it is time to protect our children from cannabis. This is a joke. We need to protect our children from McDonald’s, common core math, and tap water. Cannabis has had zero deaths directly linked to it in history. The same cannot be said for any of the drugs in the pharmaceutical pharmacopeia. The United States of America’s Department of Health has held the patent for medical marijuana for more than a decade.

All the while men, women, and children have suffered immensely while politicians and corporate thugs profit. The shocking truth is people need to learn the facts about cannabis before they are quick to not support it. You don’t have to partake in cannabis in order to see the truth behind the smokescreen the federal government has blown in front of the public’s eyes. Do the research for yourself don’t believe what someone else says.

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