Cards Against Humanity Sends Out Boxes Of Sh*t, Seriously

In spite of the truth that it was made fairly clear that customers were literally only purchasing sh*t — Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin tweeted “if you get the poop anticipating it to be something else that is not poop, you are really purchasing a valuable life lesson for $6” — the cartons of sh*t sold out by day’s end.

And as the cartons of poop have come rolling in over the previous week, individuals are somehow surprised that sh*t is really merely contained by their packages, as guaranteed. LAist bought a carton out of fascination and pointed us in the way of this “unboxing” video that reveals a hapless man really breaking apart the poop with his hands to see whether there might be anything concealed within the poop.

Only think about that for a second. In the event the great folks at Cards Against Humanity had the technological capability to get items to be eaten by bulls so that they could poop them out and then maintain the things in the poop, they’d most likely be doing something other than making filthy card games.

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