Carps Developing Herpes and You’ll Never Guess How

If you’re wondering if you read this headline correct the shocking truth is you did! Apparently carp are a devastating problem in Australia. They are known as one of the worst of all freshwater aquatic pets in Australia in fact. It’s estimated that Australia’s Wildlife Resource Management and agricultural resources spend a combined amount of approximately 380 million USD in a year trying to alleviate this nuisance.

The solution to this problem is to give these aquatic pests herpes. That’s right scientists are going to film junkies to go and kiss these fish giving them herpes. Apparently the herpes virus from humans will kill the fish. Actually, I’m kidding scientists have developed a strain of herpes that is supposed to only affect the fish. Hopefully, this fishy herpes doesn’t itch and spreads all across Australia. The next question will be what to do with all these dead fish. Apparently plans have been made to use them as pet food, possibly fertilizer or if all else fails just dig a big hole and put them in there.

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