Caspar the Ghost Has Found a New Home

Casper, the Friendly Ghost, may have found a new home. Apparently people are not the only ones looking to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected. Caspar the Friendly Ghost or should I say Caspar the Friendly Ghost octopus was discovered recently off the coast of Hawaii in 2016. This is a very peculiar octopus, however.

This discovery was made just off the coast of Necker Island. This island coincidentally happens to be owned by space guru Richard Branson. Perhaps he’s already made it to outer space and has some exotic aliens living on the oceans by his islands. The tiny ghost like octopus was discovered around 13,123 feet. The researchers at the time were not even looking for octopuses, in fact, they we’re down in the ocean collecting geological samples.

Apparently Caspar the Friendly octopus was curious as to what the hell they were doing there and perched on a rock to watch them. A geologist for NOAA, Michael Vecchione, made it clear to a lot of people who don’t understand when he told National Geographic that we really do not know all that much about what is happening at the bottom of the sea. Perhaps Sir Richard Branson should fund an exploratory mission to the depths of our oceans!

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