Celebrity Deaths or Celebrity Relocation?

The shocking truth is the planet is in despair. Famous celebrities AKA aliens from faraway galaxies and distant worlds know this and are starting the evacuation process of leaving the Third Rock From the Sun. Knowing that Earth is heading for sheer doom some of the notorious individuals that are famous are exiting the same.

You’ll see it if you start looking. Notice the amount of celebrities that are passing away. Are they truly passing away or are they just flying away to another place? Rumor has it that the colony on Mars is already set up and sustainable for large amounts of life. The government of the worlds will choose who gets to and who doesn’t get to live in this lush new environment.


Just watch as this year holds a shocking truth that will reveal an enormous amount of famous celebrities leaving us. Are these people celebrities or could they truly be aliens from another world? Chances are you’ll never know the truth unless you’re lucky enough to be friends with one of these extraterrestrial visitors, and that’s the shocking truth!


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