Certain Lies Only Cause More Damage to Mother Earth

It is no doubt that some of the most polluted countries in the world are in Asia. This is partly to do with their large standard of industrial emissions that are released from factories across the continent each year. Other comes from overpopulation and the use of fossil fuels to drive automobiles. If the crisis that they are facing was not already enough to add to it, Mitsubishi Motors has been manipulating their fuel economy test data. They manipulated this data stating that many cars were 5 to 10% more fuel efficient than what they actually are.

They also falsified this information to make it look as if the emission levels in these cars were more favorable for our environment. This resulted in over 620,000 minicars being sold in Japan that were not as fuel efficient or environmentally friendly as the consumer who purchased them was led to believe.  This move is just one that was exposed that is happening with countries and politicians as well as corporate executives around the world that has led us to where we are today.

Individuals such as these have been manipulating data, falsifying evidence and just flat-out lying in the name of greed for many years now. The shocking truth is that they actually admitted to doing it. The even more shocking news to this story is that they probably won’t see any due punishment for it.



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