Chemo or Cancer- Who is the Real Killer

The shocking truth about marijuana is the government has known it can cure many different illnesses as well as provide food and clothing for the world for decades. These pigs have kept this from the people for profit. They have watched mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts and uncles and more die frivolously. All in the name of population control and profit. These evil individuals call themselves our leaders. They even support their pharmaceutical drug making buddies to the degree they will send police and authority figures to your home to take you or your children from you and force you to take pharmaceutical medications.

They did this with a 17-year-old girl recently. They took her from her mother and forced her to take chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is being exposed for the lie that it is. Drug treatment developed by studying the effects of mustard gas is how chemotherapy came to be. Chemotherapy often leaves the individuals who suffer from cancer worse off than the cancer would have left them. There are a million lies and a million doctors and Pharmacists that support these lies when it comes to marijuana, cancer, and chemotherapy.

The shocking truth is unless we stand up and take these individuals out of office and tell the drug companies we want no more of their pharmaceutical drugs things won’t change. The tree of patriotism needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants, and that is the shocking truth.


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